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UNICEF at UTD’s mission is to educate, advocate and fundraise for international and local child survival projects by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.
"Founded in 1946, UNICEF now works in more than 150 countries to save children’s lives – through immunizations, nutrition, health care, emergency humanitarian assistance and programs that confront the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF is unique among global organizations."
UNICEF's 5 priorities and focus areas:
1. Child survival and development
2. Basic education and gender equality
3. HIV/AIDS and children
4. Child protection (from violence, exploitation and abuse)
5. Policy advocacy and partnerships (for children's rights)
Making a difference is within YOUR reach. Support the cause!

Our Mission
Every year 22,000 children die all over the world due to preventable causes. We do everything we can to make that number ZERO.
Campus Initiative
As a campus initiative group at UTD, we fight premature death around the world with Education/Advocacy, Fundraising, and Volunteering.


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   To email UNICEF:  unicef.utdallas@gmail.com
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   To join on Facebook:  UNICEF at UTD
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