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January Meeting Slideshow

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AHHHH! AHHHHHH! SCHOOL IS STARTING AGAIN!! And so is NSA! Our first meetings are January 22 (12-1pm) and Jan 23 (7-8pm) in Galaxy Room B. Be sure to check the Events tab for the rest of the general meeting schedule! Our volunteer events aren't up yet, but I can tell you we'll be having an end-of-the-year banquet on April 24th from 12-1pm. It's sure to be tons of fun!

Remember, if you earned at least 5 hours last semester but didn't get the full 10, you can make up for it this semester by completing your 10 Spring volunteer hours plus an extra amount to make up for the Fall hours you missed! And if you completed more than 10 Fall hours, you can apply your extra hours to this semester's requirement. 

Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you this semester!

-The Officers of NSA


Journal Club

Journal club follows each meeting and is a chance to learn more about reading research articles and new breakthroughs in science, especially in neuroscience. They also count for 1 hour towards membership!

To be an active NSA member you must pay $10 in dues for the Fall semester and complete 10 service hours.
All meetings as well as journal clubs count as 1 service hour each! There will be plenty of fun
and fulfilling ways to earn your hours this semester which you can learn about at our next meeting.
And as always - THERE WILL BE FOOD!! :D
Hope to see you there,
UTD NSA Officers

NSA is an organization devoted to neuroscience and its related careers. We provide a variety of opportunities that will pique and broaden your interest in neuroscience.
Please contact us at utdnsa@gmail.com with any questions you might have.

Visit our Events and Journal Club pages for information on other events to look forward to!

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