About this organization CSA

We are the Chinese Student Association (CSA) at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). To address a frequent misconception, you do not have to be Chinese to be part of this wonderful organization. Our organization composes of different multiracial group found on campus.


Type of organization

We are a cultural/social group. Our organization provides members an opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture and its language. We also have many social events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Pool Party to allow members to mingle with each other.


Who is this organization for?

This organization is for anyone who are interested in the Chinese Asian culture, making new friends, or simply just to familiarize yourself with college life at UTD.



CSA members are further broken down into smaller families, each headed by an officer who has been a part of the organization for at least a year. Freshman and first-year students are encouraged to be part of a student association. Not only does CSA provides opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, it also allows members to grow interpersonally and help bridge the transition to living a more independent life.


Family Theme

For Fall 2013 to Spring2014 our theme is the Zodiac Signs. Each family will have a zodiac sign. Members will be distributed into a family upon paying membership dues that is needed to run events and functions. Each family will have their own social gathering but there will also be major events where all the entire CSA family and members will be present. The benefit of being in a family includes, but not limited to, a more personal level connection with your family members (they could become your second family on campus or best friends), learn from the past experience of existing students, secrets to get to class faster and many more information what you do not get in class.