Frequently Asked Questions

When can I schedule a RISE demonstration for my class?

We have a team of dedicated outreach coordinators who will work with you to find a demonstration time that accommodates your schedule. We have a diverse volunteer base willing to participate in demonstrations, so we are generally quite flexible as to the specific dates and times.

How much does a RISE demonstration cost?

RISE does not charge fees for demonstrations. Our mission is to facilitate free supplemental education events that can reach as wide of an audience as possible. All RISE personnel are unpaid student volunteers, and our demonstration materials are paid for through grants and sponsorships.

Who makes up the RISE volunteer base?

All RISE volunteers are UT Dallas undergraduate or graduate students. We encompass a broad range of fields including electrical, mechanical, computer, and biomedical engineering, as well as many non-engineering fields such as chemistry, physics, material science, neuroscience, computer science, and mathematics. On some occasions, UTD faculty members join RISE volunteers during presentations.

Do RISE volunteers have clearance from school districts?

RISE takes very seriously its responsibility to abide by all rules and regulations of schools and school districts. At this time, RISE volunteers do not have special clearance. Instead, each volunteer goes through the full check-in process at the time of the demonstration. If further clearance is required, RISE volunteers will seek to obtain it. We ask that sufficient notice be given in advance of a demonstration if additional documentation will be required of our volunteers.

How many volunteers present at a typical RISE demonstration?

The number of volunteers at a RISE demonstration varies depending on the size of the student group. Typically, 3-4 volunteers travel to each demonstration.

What science demonstrations does RISE do?

For more information on specific experiments we can offer, see the Curriculum page.

What is the target audience of RISE demonstrations?

RISE focuses mostly on presenting to elementary students in grades 3-5. We have found that students in that age group are just beginning to learn about science and engineering, and we hope to kindle their excitement for doing just that.

How many students can attend a RISE demonstration?

RISE can perform multiple demonstrations to accommodate large numbers of students. We typically aim to present to 50 students per session; allowing groups to grow any larger tends to limit the amount of interaction between our volunteers and the students.

How long does a RISE demonstration last?

The length of RISE demonstrations varies depending on the particular components of the presentation and the number of students involved. Typically, they last between one and one and a half hours.

What type of space does RISE need for presentations?

RISE works with whatever space schools make available to us. For smaller groups, we prefer to present in a large classroom with table space for our demonstrations and desks or tables for students to use for hands-on experiments. When presenting to larger groups, a gymnasium, auditorium, or similar space helps to provide the best possible experience for all students in attendance.

Does RISE need any particular equipment for demonstrations?

RISE provides all equipment for demonstrations. For the optimal student experience, we ask that schools provide a projector, as well as access to water and electrical outlets.

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