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We are a student-run volunteer organization at the University of Texas at Dallas whose objective is to reach out to third, fourth, and fifth grade students in the local community and inspire them to learn more about science and technology as they progress through their early education. We hope to instill in them a lasting interest in asking tough questions, exploring the unknown, and discovering the wonders that make up our world.

Our primary outreach initiative is a series of hour-long presentations combining science demonstrations and experiments with interactive engineering challenges. In the past, we've shown off a variety of things including shape-memory polymers, liquid nitrogen, and a van de Graaff generator. Our goal is to make science "cool" for young students and to ignite their curiosity.


Schedule a demonstration! If you teach at an elementary school in the Plano, Richardson, or Dallas independent school districts, or any other school near UT Dallas, feel free to contact us using either the Contact Us page or by emailing riseutd@gmail.com. One of our outreach coordinators will provide you with more information and help find a demonstration time that fits your busy schedule.


Get involved! We're always looking for new faces to add to our ever-growing volunteer base. UT Dallas students in all majors are welcome to join. As long as you're passionate about science, enjoy public speaking, and/or work well with young students, you should fit right in. Interested students and prospective volunteers should email riseutd@gmail.com for more information.

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