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The best way to contact us is through the club's email.

Officers Contact Information:
If you are a sponsor, P.A., P.A. student, faculty, guest speaker or you would like to propose sponsorship or have any issues:
Ricki Eugenio(President):
If you have questions regarding the PA career path, PA schools, or any event issues:
Amy Nguyen (Vice President):
If you are a student and have a question about points, meeting attendance, or to get on the email list:
Natalie Sin (Secretary):
If you are a student and want to sign up/participate for an event, or any questions about upcoming events:
Jackie Perez (Event Coordinator)
If you are a student and have a question about membership dues, t-shirts, or any other payments:
Uy Nguyen (Treasurer):
If you have any questions regarding social media communications, putting up flyers, or website information: 
Angela Wang (Public Relations):

Advisor: Cristina González

Ricki Eugenio  
About Ricki
Hello Everyone,

My name is Marica May Eugenio but I go by Ricki! I am the President of the Pre-Physician Assistant Society. I am a super Senior Healthcare Studies Major and I would love to eventually go to Physician Assistant School. I'm looking forward to all that this year has to offer! If you ever want to talk to me, please, just feel free to approach me because I love meeting new people! Thanks! :)

Amy Nguyen - Vice President 
About Amy
Natalie Sin-Siu - Secretary 
About Natalie
Jacqueline Perez - Event Coordinator 
About Jacqueline
Angela Wang - Public Relations 
About Angela
Quoc-Uy Hoang Nguyen - Treasurer 
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Fall 2018 Meeting DATES:

1rd General Meeting: November 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm in SSA