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Mission statement:

The MRS-UTDallas Chapter is a nonprofit organization of students and staff community from UTDallas interested in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) devoted: to promote communication and professional development in the various MSE disciplines and to achieve educational outreach in MSE.


The MRS-UTDallas Chapter was created in 2013:

  • MRS recognition - It was officially recognized by the Materials Research Society at the 2013 MRS Fall Meeting during the Awards Ceremony (Wednesday, December 4, 2013), though the formal approval from the MRS Board for the petition of students at the University of Texas at Dallas to establish an MRS University Chapter was on July 9, 2013. 
  • UTDallas recognition - It was officially registered as a club from UTDallas on December 18th, 2013.


The membership for the MRS-UTDallas Chapter is free. Anyone from UTDallas interested in the interdisciplinary field of materials science and engineering can join us.

As an educational and outreach organization, the members have lots of benefits, like seminars, field trips, awards/fellowships, mentoring programs and networking trough the society.

We are really excited to have you participating into our MRS-UTDallas Chapter activities! Welcome to join us!

For more information: MRS_UTDallas_Chapter_OVERVIEW_for_WEBSITE_FINAL

MRS-UTDallas Chapter in the news:




Officers & Advisors

President: Juan Pablo Oviedo

Vice-president: Erika Fuentes and Zeyan Xu (Emma)

Secretary: Marcela Mireles

Outreach officer: Angelica Azcatl

Tresures: Gautam Gaddemane

Web-Officer: Fantai Kong

Events coordinator: Francis De Dios

Advisors: Yves Chabal and Orlando Auciello

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Shoot us an email : support@orgsync.com
Or give us a call : 972.907.0900

We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing!

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