Welcome to The Linux Users Group at UTD!


We are a student organization devoted to the teaching and advocacy of Linux, open source, and free software of all kinds. We welcome anyone and everyone from the Linux, Unix, BSD, and OS X realms, so come join us. All meetings are open to the public. Check out the Discussions page for information about IRC clients and join our conversation online.

Cryptocurrency Meeting (Flyer)


Heard about some of the new alternative currencies going around and want to learn about the best way to invest? Maybe you're wondering how to start actually mining for some coins yourself. Whatever your level of interest, feel free to join us on March 11th at 8:30 pm in ECSS 2.415 where we will be discussing the future of cryptocurrencies as a currency and as a technology.

Amazon Web Services Meeting


Interested in Cloud Computing? Want to learn how to deploy your own virtual server, or host your data in the cloud?

The Linux Users Group @ UTD is coordinating with local Amazon reps to host a technical introduction to AWS, demonstrating its many services and abilities. Bring a laptop and join us on this interactive lecture! We will walk users through setting up a trial account on AWS, and explain in detail some cool things they can do with it. The event will be held on March 25 at 7:00 pm in the TI Auditorium in ECSS.

Optional: We will be walking users through setting up a trial account for AWS, which is free for one year. You'll need a credit-card to participate with this step (note: you will not be charged anything as long as you stay in the AWS free tier monthly usage allotment).

Media Servers & Clients Meeting

April 22nd at 8:30 pm in ECSS 2.415 - LUG @ UTD will be hosting a meeting exploring several media servers and clients for Linux. We will focus on mpd and ncmpcpp, but also plan to show several types of setups including ftp servers, dlna servers, and using embedded systems as media clients. Come join us and learn how to use a raspberry pi to playback Full HD video in your living room for just $35!