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Birthday Party with A Big Check

On August 17, 2011, The Center for Lithospheric Studies (CLS) hosted a birthday party for Professor George McMechan at the Research and Operations Center (ROC), UTD.

It has become more difficult to surprise George each year, by a dinner, birthday cake and a gift. So, in lieu of an impractical gift it was suggested we donate funds in the form of a check to benefit others in the future. Who hasn't dreamed of a big check? We decided to present George with a "big" check to be donated to the fund named in his honor suggested by a staff member and implemented by former students Hui Chang and Ashwani Dev, the GM Student Scholarship Fund.

The party started in the new home of the Geosciences department. Everyone presented him a small (symbol) of a check (√) on a card saying, how much he was appreciated. Ting Gong and Roberto Falcon presented the “big” check in the amount of $1000. Donations received were from George’s current graduate students & staff.

George blew out the candles on the cake and we had cake and ice cream. Although, the check was big physically, we saw a big smile on George’s face when it was presented to him.

This year is the 25th consecutive year of operation of the CLS and UTD Geophysical Consortium, which were founded by George in 1987. We are currently planning a series of celebrating events, and are compiling a complete informative list of all former students of the Center to raise more funds for the GM scholarship.

Xinfa Zhu, Grad Student, Center for Lithospheric Studies.


   Check Presentation

   CLS students 1

  CLS students 2

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