Grads of Computer Science (GCS)

An organization that is dedicated to the cause of representing interests of the graduate students of the Department of Computer Science at UT Dallas, promoting interaction among students and faculty of the department, organizing academic and social events, and providing information pertaining to departmental activities and policies.


Our Goals

To organize and/or participate in academic activities related to computer science graduate students
To formalize a structure for official representation of the interests of graduate students of the department
To facilitate communication between the department and graduate students
To provide a forum for exchange of information pertinent to computer science graduate students
To promote social interaction among graduate students


Our Work

As an organization that is regrouping and revamping itself to step up to newer challenges posed by the rapidly growing body of Computer Science graduate students and their needs and interests, we are involved in organizing a number of events and activities – academic as well as social.  Our current efforts include, but are not limited to

Representing concerns of the current CS graduate and PhD students at monthly faculty meetings
Regular academic events, presenting the ongoing research in the advanced Computer Science labs in the Department
Seminars by Professionals from the Industry, focusing on their work and job-oriented information for students
Promoting social interaction among graduate students

Event Calendar

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