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Our Mission:


Doing our best to support and promote the biomedical engineering community at UT Dallas by designing programs for informing students about technical advancements, holding training and professional development events, and drawing together the academic, student and industrial community within UT Dallas as well as the Dallas area.  The organization is a local student chapter of the national BMES organization.  


Why join BMES?


Through membership with the BMES Chapter, you will join a passionate community of successful individuals who share the same goal of advancing the field of biomedical engineering and sharing it with the world around us.

We provide you with the following tools and resources to support you throughout your career:

Research Showcases - Giving students an opportunity to present their research and practice their presentation skills.

Company Info Sessions - Bringing industry speakers to talk about the opportunities for students during college and after graduation

Undergraduate Research Competition - Pursue your own solutions to real world industry challenges, receive feedback from industry professionals.

Branding Workshops - Learn to market yourself to the industry, academia and medical schools.

Community Volunteering - Get involved with local education initiatives to spread the word about biomedical engineering.


And many more!


At a dynamic university like UT Dallas when the Biomedical Engineering program is growing drastically, joining a team of like-minded and passionate individuals would help you grow as well!

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