What is Alpha Phi Omega?
Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
What is Pledging and what is it like?
"Pledging" is the process by which a student becomes an initiate and active member of the UTD chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Your first semester in APO will be full of opportunities to learn about the organization and find your place in it. You will undergo an pledge ritual, and be assigned to a “big” — an older APO member who will answer any questions you have and help you figure out the ins and outs of APO. You will attend all the same meetings as the Active Brothers do, and you will also attend pledge meetings, which help you get to know other people as well as the history and purpose of APO.
Do I have to attend Rush in order to pledge APO?
No. Our Rush events are for you to find out more about what APO is all about. They are meant to provide a glimpse into both the service we do, and meet the people in the fraternity. (See following question.)
Do I have to attend Pledge Ceremony in order to pledge APO?
Yes, it is mandatory to attend the Pledge Ceremony to pledge APO. To find out more information, please attend our Rush events to find out more. Please dress in formal attire for the Pledge Ceremony.
What are Potentials, Pledges, and Actives?
A potential is a student who is interested in joining Alpha Phi Omega, but has yet to begin the process. A pledge is a member of Alpha Phi Omega who is seeking membership in the Fraternity by participating in the pledge program. An active has completed the pledge process and has been initiated as a loyal and true Brother of Alpha Phi Omega.
Does APO haze?
No. We are a community service fraternity. Members of this fraternity will never haze you in any way, shape or form, nor will they demand any form of personal service from you.
I'm not sure I like the sound of fraternities, Is APO Greek?
No. We are a fraternity, in the aspect of brotherhood and camaraderie. Although we use a Greek name, and have many of our own rituals and traditions, we are not affiliated with IFC or Panhel.
I’m already in another fraternity or sorority, Can I still pledge APO?
Yes. APO is open to any student on campus. Joining APO will not conflict with your ability to join or remain a member of any other fraternity or sorority.
How much are dues?
Dues for Alpha Phi Omega are relatively inexpensive compared to other fraternities and sororities which can range well over hundreds of dollars. Dues for pledges are currently $100 paid in two installments of $50, once at the beginning and once at the end of the semester. After becoming an active member, dues are only $70 for every semester after.
What are the pledge requirements?
To name a few pledge requirements: weekly attendance at meetings, quizzes, 25 hours of community service, and hosting a service, fundraising, & fellowship event. Meetings will be on Sunday, as such, if you have other commitments it will be extremely difficult to pledge this semester. More details will be given at our Rush events and by our Pledge educator.
What kind of fellowships/social events do the members of APO put on?
Alpha Phi Omega hosts a wide variety of fellowships within our chapter. These events range from dinners, potlucks, sports events, poker tournaments, pool days, movies, etc. To get a better idea of the types of events we host, check the calendar on our website.
What kind of service projects does APO participate in?
Our chapter serves a wide range of organizations, including but not limited to, service to our community, to our campus, and to our nation as a whole. Past service events have included, Homeless Coalition, tutoring, food donations, animal shelters, and Adopt-A-Highway to name a few. Please check our Calendar for more for a better idea of service events during the semester.
What kind of leadership opportunities does APO provide?
We have several elected and appointed positions to help develop leadership. In addition, our fraternity participates in the national APO LEADS Program. This is a national program designed to train interested members in leadership and team building skills, and is quickly becoming a popular and important aspect of Alpha Phi Omega. Several of these workshops are hosted at chapters in the area throughout the semester.
Is Alpha Phi Omega as awesome as it sounds?
Yes. Yes it is.
If you want 50 instant friends, want to grow as a person and develop your leadership skills, and want to do meaningful service, then APO is perfect for you.